Interested in Becoming an Officer?

Elections are held every spring. Students will be notified via email when nominations are open and when voting occurs.

Officer Position Descriptions


  • Schedule and preside over department GSA meetings
  • Liaison between faculty and graduate students
  • Attend faculty meetings to report on and initiate discussions pertinent to grad students
  • Choose an adviser from the crop concentration if elected as a soil student or choose an adviser from soil concentration if elected as a crop student
  • Coordinate the annual Willie Woltz Seminar
  • Manage other officers as necessary
  • Maintain passcodes, keys, and other items that may need to pass along to successive officers
  • Coordinate with treasurer to maintain the financial records in good standing order


Vice President

  • Coordinate the annual Wernsman Seminar
  • Assist the president as needed
  • Alternate GSA representative 


GSA Representative

  • Preferably someone who lives very close to campus
  • Attend monthly university GSA meetings to maintain funding for the department GSA
  • Attend monthly GSA committee meetings to maintain funding for the department GSA
  • Vote at university GSA meetings in a manner supporting department graduates
  • Inform grad students about university GSA meeting discussions



  • Keep records of department GSA finances (spending and revenue)
  • Archive financial records in a manner accessible by all current and future members
  • Purchase supplies and materials for various grad student hosted events
  • Maintain financial records in good order to pass along to next year’s officers



  • Organize department GSA documents in a manner accessible by current and future members 
  • Keep record of department GSA meetings and meeting notes
  • Write grad student agenda for future meetings and tasks
  • Document and maintain graduate student calendar of events
  • Communicate agenda and calendar with other grad students
  • Assist with duties of other officers


International Associate

  • Help international students integrate into departmental activities
  • Coordinate activities between international students and US students
  • Help international students find information about the school and local attractions of interest to graduate students


Social Coordinator

  • Plan group gatherings (meals, parties, etc.)
  • Maintain department display boards for students
  • Plan outreach activities for grad students on and off campus
  • Look for activities grad students should be involved with
  • Work with faculty social committee
  • Advertise events from other departments that may be pertinent to the department
  • Maintain and coordinate online communication between grad students
  • Advertise fundraising opportunities to increase grad student funds
  • Take and collect pictures at events or important moments